Saturday, November 11, 2006


Today I should limit myself to miso broth. Yesterday was a bit treat heavy. In the morning, the young lads and I visited Bumblekiss. The Willimette Week reviewer wasn't taken with the place, but I quite liked it. The owners were friendly and advised me that the child plate was really big enough for both my kids, which it was. The food choices were interesting and varied. I opted for what has to be the most decadent thing I have eaten in months, eggnog pancakes, with a cheese, egg and bacon scramble on the side. Very tasty but in a subtle warming way. I see that allrecipes has an eggnog pancake recipe too.

Since the wife is out of town I managed to sneak in her least favorite dessert, clafouti. It's a simple prepartaion, you pour the batter over a fruit, usually cherries. The flavor falls somewhere between bread pudding and crepes. I used the recipe from the Gourmet cookbook (the new edition of which comes with a DVD), but left out the kirsch in the batter, which I think was a mistake. It would have given just a bit more cherry flavor. Here are some other recipes for clafouti.


Brack said...

Speaking of treats disfavored by the spouse, last week I bought six of these and stuck them in the freezer for safekeeping:

Tripp said...

How does the McRib stand up to reheating? Must you reapply new pickles?

Brack said...

I have been nuking my McRibs, which tends to leave cool spots, rather than lovingly reheating them in the oven . . . which takes far too long when I have the boneless-shaped-pork-patty lust. The McPickles stay curiously crunchy yet rubbery. A marvel of modern technology.

BTW, it seems Burger King is resurrecting the chicken parm, a/k/a the Italian Chicken sandwich:

My cup runneth over.

Tripp said...

So I suppose you will be avoiding the opening of Fast Food Nation, or maybe just giving this sandwiches a pass