Thursday, November 02, 2006

Literary criticism can get you in trouble

In book-related political news, conserative apostate George Will made me snicker today. Here he talks about the ridiculous George Allen smears of James Webb's novels:

But Allen, who makes no secret of finding life as a senator tedious, is fighting ferociously for another term, a fate from which his Democratic opponent, Jim Webb, is close to rescuing him. As a result, Allen is dabbling in literary criticism. He has read, or someone has read for him, at least some of Webb's six fine novels, finding therein sexual passages that have caused Allen -- he of the football metaphors, cowboy regalia and Copenhagen smokeless tobacco -- to blush like a fictional Victorian maiden and fulminate like an actual Victorian man, Anthony Comstock, the 19th-century scourge of sin who successfully agitated for New York and federal anti-obscenity statutes and is credited with the destruction of 160 tons of naughty printed matter and pictures.

Others have noted as well, that the Marine Corps Commandant thinks that every enlisted Marine should read Webb's Field of Fire.

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