Wednesday, November 22, 2006


If you have people on your gift giving list who like World War 2 sea stories, take a look at At All Costs. It details the story of the SS Ohio in Operation Pedestal. The operation was a succesful attempt, with a very high cost, to resupply the island of Malta. The island was important because it sat between Italy and Axis controlled Libya, and thereby made resupply of Rommel's forces difficult. The location also made it hard to resupply the island.

The losses on the Allied side were great, they included an aircraft carrier an two cruisers. One of the most important ships was the Ohio, a tanker with desperately needed fuel. As you can imagine, the Germans and the Italians tried very hard to sink it and as this amazing photo shows, they nearly succeded. I for one think this would be a popular gift, for the right person.

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