Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Music for the little ones

I don't mind kid's CDs. Some are really rather catchy. I particularly like They Might Be Giant's "No!" and "Here Come the ABCs." Sometimes, you really need to hear grown-up music. So every once and awhile I pull out an adult CD and give it a spin. Here are some winners and losers.

Go-Gos Vacation. It's hard to lose with bouncy 80s pop. If I had shown them the water ski video I imagine it would have gone even farther.

Cracker Happy Birthday to Me. Because every child loves a tale of a drunken ne'er do well.

Pavement Shady Lane. Only jackasses don't like this song. And my kids aren't jackasses.

Samhain Archangel. Not popular, not popular at all. I asked them if it was scary and they said it was a little.

REM Driver 8. Big surprise here. So melodic, so bouncy and so about trains. Nope. No love for the boys from Athens.

Anybody who is not Bob Dylan. Any Bob Dylan song. The kids pretty much hate any non-Dylan version of a song. Their dislike of Neil Young's Blowin' in the Wind is visceral. Like most people, they probably want the original, not the cover, but Dylan is easily the favorite. Pretty soon they will get into arguments about whether he was better before or after he went electric.


Anonymous said...

You're going to think I'm kidding, but Duran Duran has an album called "Thank You" on which they do a bunch of covers. Will a can of whoop-ass be opened up on me if I suggest that DD's version of "Lay Lady Lay" is better than the original"?

Tripp said...

For such heresy, the resultant beatdown will likely be unspeakable.