Friday, November 17, 2006

Say your prayers little one, don't forget my son, to include everyone

Where have you been all my life Sandman? Talk about an amazing graphic novel. Sandman is right up there with the Watchmen and the Dark Knight Returns. In the latest escalation of editions, DC is putting out the Absolute Sandman. Clocking in at ninety nine smackers, this is a tough one. Of course here in Portland not only do we have Powell's but we have the Multnomah County Library which believes that comic books that cost a c-note are a good call.

So what's so good about it? Neil Gaiman for one. The same Neil Gaiman who wrote the excellent Neverwhere and American Gods (among others) got his start writing this comic. The old Sandman was a standard superhero, while Gaiman's is one of the Endless. A being representing complex metaphysical states like Desire, and Death. Sandman is the Dream and he since he is eternal, Gaiman can set his stories in any age he chooses. While it is episodic there are long term narrative arcs as well. And most are quite interesting. Gaiman brings to the comic the same creativity, humor and darkness that you find in his novels. And there are lots more comics than novels. I'd like to see other writers get into this game.

One of the selling points of the Absolute Edition is that the book has been recolored. I didn't read the original so I can't compare, but the art looks excellent.


lisa_emily said...

What?!?! YOu havn't read Sandman yet? Yes, get cracking.

Anyway, $99 for sure is a lot, but I'm sure I've spent way more than that. Sandman got me through young adulthood. (I have all the collected volumes, plus I sue to collect the singles as they came out-I had 1st ed. and what did I do? I AGVE THEM AWAY! Hopefully I'll go to comic book heaven for this act.)

Tripp said...

The good news they are a mere $70 on Amazon. Of course there will be 4 volumes in total. I am about 3/4 of the way through the first. It really is top notch stuff.

You gave them away? Well maybe book karma will bring you a bounty some day.