Thursday, November 16, 2006

Book fun for the morning

Bookdaddy says "Fie!" to all the buzz around the new Pynchon. Concur, Bookdaddy, Concur.

Mr. Daddy also talks about the three types of spy stories and then says "Fie!" to Robert Littell. That's helpful to me as I was trying to decide between reading Charles McCarry and Littell.

You've no doubt heard about the Wizard of Oz-Dark Side of the Moon concept. The idea is that Pink Floyd made the album to be played as an alternate soundtrack. Testing this requires having both on at the same time. This person has handily placed a recording of both on Google video. Get ready to say "woah" a lot.

Hannibal Lechter is dead to me, but in case you have a jones for another Lechter book, Thomas Harris has an excerpt on his website.


Anonymous said...

Why choose just *one*? They are both terrific authors!


The Overlook Press

Tripp said...

In a perfect world perhaps. At the very least McCarry is coming first. Not least because I own a copy.