Saturday, November 04, 2006

The real best videos of the 80s

Andrew Sullivan recently asked his readers for the best videos of the 1980s. Somehow these were missed.

Lord of the New Church - Dance with Me. Stiv Bator's idea of flirtation is a bit strange. When he says "The way I want to love you, well, it could be against the law," I don't think he's exaggerating.

Duran Duran - Planet Earth. All by itself, an awesome video and song. However, I was unaware that the Dandy Warhols Last High (also excellent) is an homage to this DD video, from the first shot on to the end.

Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion. I think technically I prefer Temple of Love, but This Corrosion has a special place in my heart. At the time I failed to understand that this was entirely synth music. I also missed that Eldritch is basically the mystical version of Danzig.

Replacements - Alex Chilton (live.) I'd heard these guys were always too blitzed to play, but they sound pretty good here.

Hoodoo Gurus - What's My Scene. Guilty pleasure.

World Party - Ship of Fools. So great and sadly relevant today.

Adam & the Ants - Prince Charming. The first metrosexual? Apparently he is hoping for a comeback.

Devo - Beautiful World. A little too earnest in its irony, I still like the video for the Boys from Brazil look the lads sport. If you would rather just watch the Ken doll fight the Barbie doll, watch Love without Anger. And actually the chicken imagery in the second video is disturbing.


Brack said...

Don't forget these gems:

Peter Schilling - Major Tom

The Vapors - Turning Japanese

David Bowie - China Girl

Tripp said...

Schilling's Major Tom is excellent. One of the true greats. I used to mix it up with Planet P's Why Me.

Anonymous said...

Always loved this one:


Anonymous said...

Prince Charmaing ain't "metro-" That is "homo-"

Paul McQuillan said...

Black Lace - Agadoo
The Matchroom Mob - Snooker Loopy
St. Winifred's School Choir - There's No One Quite Like Grandma

Brack said...

While we're at it, nothing says "Bizarro '80s Video" like The Damned's cover of Alone Again Or:

I keep waiting for Adam Ant to wander into the frame decked out in his Kings of the Wild Frontier regalia.