Sunday, November 05, 2006

Odds and ends

The Economist now has a pair of blogs. One is called Democracy in America, and no it's not a de Tocqueville reading group. The other is bit broader and is called Free Exchange.

For those in Portland, Cinema 21 has Sing Along Mary Poppins this week, complete with silly laugh contest and best costume contest. The Oregonian has details as well as info on the movie and book. Many other cities have or have had the show as well. These photos from Tampa show that people really get into it.

Note: If you get crazy with the digital camera, remember to ERASE, or your kids might send this to postsecret.

Bookworld nicely captures the warring instincts to read what one wants to read and to read what one feels one should read. The book at issue, is the Road, which I had planned on not reading. With all these positive reviews, I wonder if shouldn't get a copy myself.

James Ellroy is not modest. "I am a master of fiction. I am also the greatest crime writer who ever lived. I am to the crime novel in specific what Tolstoy is to the Russian novel and what Beethoven is to music."

Duck of Minerva discusses using Dr. Strangelove in an international relations class.

Good for Powells.


lisa_emily said...

Re: The Road- yup, very review that I've read of it has been super-thumbs up. And I read the reviews everywhere, almost every periodical that does reviews seems to be reviewing it. Maybe I'll read it next year.

As for the postsecrets- how did that kid know it was his Dad's....pretty weird, I must say. I'm glad that never happened to me.

Tripp said...

On postsecret, many of those are made up, but if true, sounds a bit scarring.

I nearly bought the Road after trading in a bunch at Powell's (here in Portland) but I picked up Blood and Thunder which I want to read first.

lisa_emily said...

The kit carson book? Yes, i read the review of that- its a good thing that I don't live in Portland or that Powell's isn't in my town. I'd be BROKE, I tell you- BROKE! Its bad enpigh that a store like Serendipity exists, but its far from me and hard to get to.

That Ellroy quote is pretty crazy! I wonder if he went wacky after dealing with the Black Dahlia so much...weird.

Tripp said...

You had best beware. There is talk (and at this stage merely talk) about franchising out Powells. They would send Powells people out with them to maintain culture. Still it would take a long time to build up that book supply.

Is the Serendipity in Berkeley, CA?

I think Ellroy has been permanently damaged.

lisa_emily said...

Serendipity- in Berkley-the one and only.

I don't know if you've been there, but its like a giant book monster exploded, with books everywhere. The guy is super chatty and very knowledgeable.

Send Powell's people out...sounds ominous...maybe I can become a Powell person- I would tell them not to open a store on Telegraph Ave. near Cal. that would be a bad move...

Tripp said...

Ah yes, lots of closings over there? Codys? But not Moe's I hope.

Yes the way I phrased it (powells people) it sounds like the invasion of the Body Snatchers.