Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bro, she's got to maintain, cuz an objectivist like her is going insane

I think I have one of the craziest political sites of all time. Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand fan, sign 1 of kookiness) is written in such an over the top fashion that I thought it had to be a joke, but then I realized she's real, she means it. Check this example:

I love Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld was solid. A straight talking brilliant strategist. He had to take a mid 20th century military, decimated and raped for 8 years by a shortsighted horndog (Clinton), and transform it into a lean, agile state of the art 21st centrury military overnight to go after the post modern 21st enemy. An enemy that has no specific territory, operates in the shadows, kills large numbers of civilians with an incomprehensible barbaric blood lust, and has made Iraq the central front on the war on Islamic fundamentalism. Rumsfeld did it, hands tied by the PC mentality that infected the Bush administration.

There is more madness in here than in Arkham Asylum.

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