Friday, November 03, 2006

Holy Smokes

Vanity Fair has a lengthy sneak-peek of a article about neoconservatives. It's probably not what you are expecting, the thrust is how angry the neocons are at how badly the Admin has botched things. Here's a taste:

"I just presumed that what I considered to be the most competent national-security team since Truman was indeed going to be competent. They turned out to be among the most incompetent teams in the post-war era. Not only did each of them, individually, have enormous flaws, but together they were deadly, dysfunctional."

The ones interviews note that the major players (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bremer, Tenet) were in fact, not neocons, but they dodge the role of neocons like Doug Feith and Paul Wolfowitz. Still, the level of the vitriol is almost shocking.

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