Sunday, February 12, 2006

Too much time on my hands

With all the weekend's travel time, I got a little reading in. I borrowed my Mom's copy of the 6th Lamentation (for the biblically illiterate (including me), see here.) It is a rather sad novel written by a ex-monk. The main character is a monk charged by his prior and eventually by Rome to investigate the supposed Nazi past of an old man. It turns out the accused Nazi had some kind involvement with a Resistance group that smuggled Jewish kids out of Nazi-occupied Paris. There are many characters who may or may not have been involved in the creation or destruction of the Resistance group. It's a great story.

I was less keen on Peter Robinson's Innocent Graves. I usually like his books, but the others put a greater emphasis on the police force. This one had much more court action, which I tend to dislike. It also had a somewhat boring subplot about a possible murderer-rapist. If you have read this and weren't that impressed try In a Dry Season, that one is awesome.

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