Monday, February 06, 2006

The obligatory Gump quote will not be used

Candyblog links to a consumer reports list of the best box of chocolates, many of which are new to me. The variety of shelf life is interesting. Moonstruck has one of the longest at 3 months, Lindt clocks in at 9, while most are in the low weeks range. Russell Stover is in the eat as soon as you get it category. Poor old Whitman's is the only one in the "poor" category. When I was a kid I always wanted Whitman's but never got it. I am not sure if they use to be better, the average candy wasn't as good back then or the fact that I never got it made it all the more attractive. I am guessing the latter. If you feel like dropping 50+ bones on a box of candy, CR gives you some options.


Anonymous said...

Saw this on Daily Candy. Looks cool:

Tripp said...

Those are cool, have you ever seen them in stores?