Sunday, February 12, 2006

I can smile about it now, but at the time it was terrible

The snow storm of doom that smashed the East Coast nearly smashed us. My spouse REALLY needed to get back from VA as tomorrow is the first day of a new job. We foolishly said no to an offer to get a ride to Dulles from some friends. At ORF we waited and waited to get our plane. The ticket area workers were hapless trying to deal with surly customers trying to re-route around the closed airports. We managed to get up to the gates without much fuss. Once there, we found on one at the counter. Our departure time came and went, no people. Eventually someone showed and we got on the plane an hour late, a little close for our 50 minute connection. We asked the flight attendant if he could call ahead and tell them we were coming. Translated answer "I can't do shit for you, have some peanuts."

So we arrive in DC and ask the gate attendant if he can call our gate. Answer "No, maybe you can run." So we ran and the gate was closed and the counter people were nowhere to be seen. Sadness reigned. A sense of helplessness prevailed. SUFFERING. I saw the plane outside, so I started banging on the glass to get the pilot's attention, figuring what the hell. He signaled he would try. Then a thumbs up. Oh what gladness. Not a great way to spend a day, but we did make it back.

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