Friday, February 03, 2006

M is for metal, that's good enough for me

Wow, I've always called that silly singing style of metal bands "scary voice" or "demon voice" but cookie monster singing is way better. That's today's must read pop-culture article.


Anonymous said...

"It should sound like they're gargling glass."

What does that sound like?

Tripp said...

It should sound like the gates of hell opening and the sound of Satan himself speaking to you.

Or Cookie Monster

Anonymous said...

This might be death-metal but I call it f@cken hilarious:

Anonymous said...

aw man I'm sorry it's actually BLACK metal. . .does that make it more or less funny?

Lady Yuki Shizuka said...

The more jokes aimed at the Metal genre of music, the better. You should read the short comic entitled "Star Whores" Which is parody of Star Wars and the topics regarding the rock and metal music industry that was once on Hammer magazine :)