Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rings and other things

Joanna has his first post up on Sugar Savvy. It concerns candy bling (or jewelry to those not schooled in hip hop.) I always associate candy necklaces with this party I went to in Cambridge, MA. The hosts wanted everyone to bite the candy off each others necklaces, which I thought was wierd. They were into tantric sex so maybe that was normal for them.

Fast Food Fever links to a deconstruction of the McRib. I know many of you crave this seasonal treat, so you should probably not take a look at the nasty photos. I did enjoy the fake boneless pigs site where you can petition to keep the McRib alive.

I took the kids to Saint Cupcake today and all appears well. They have a new banana pound cake cupcake with chocolate chips and cinnamon cream cheese frosting. So tasty.


Brack said...

I discharged my civic duty and voted to save the McRib. I tried to vote again for good measure, but was c-blocked by the UN election observer software.


"He was a pupil of mine, until he turned to the dark side of the [sandwich]"

Tripp said...

Did you look at the sandwich pictures? Those are the dark side of the sandwich.

jo said...

Hey, thanks for calling out the Sugar Savvy post. Yeah, I'm so street with the blingity bling. Check it out, yo.

That banana chocolate cupcake is a good one, and being that I'm not a fan of the cream cheese frosting, they've even gone so far as to fetch a "bald" one from the kitchen and then top it with buttercream instead. They really are Saints.

The second time I tried this tack they didn't have any spare buttercream, so I swiped some red frosting from my nephew's vanilla cupcake when he wasn't looking and plopped it onto my baldy banana one. Ya gots ta be resourceful and such.

Their mini scones are also QUITE delightful.

Tripp said...

I like the scones, but they really are mini, even more than the dot cupcakes. I usually just go with the cupcakes. One dot and one scone would be a nice combo though.