Monday, February 13, 2006

For those with a powerful suspension of disbelief

Ok, I am probably not going to read Prayers for the Assassin. One of the novels basic premises is just too way out. Dig this, nukes takes out Mecca, NYC and DC. The Jews get blamed, Israel gets demolished and the world converts to Islam except in the US where Dixie goes all fundamentalist Christian and the rest goes Islamic. As Bill Pullman told Robert Blake in Lost Highway, "That's fucking crazy, man."

That said, I like the marketing going along with the book. The author Robert Ferringo has a mini site on the page (which Amazon calls plog - promotional blog?) where he posts about the book and answers questions. That's pretty cool. He (or Simon and Schuster interns more likely) have created a website from his future world. That's creative and cool.

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