Thursday, January 19, 2006

Where's the paper bad that holds the liquor, just in case I feel the need to puke

Among the most booze-tastic things I ever did in my life was the Circle Line Pub Crawl. The Circle line in London has 27 stops. You get off at every other stop and drink a pint. You have 12 hours (11 AM to 11PM) Sounds easy but it isn't. You have to factor in ride time, search for pub time and eating time. I suppose the well prepared team would pack high carb meals to soak up all that booze. It's gotten a bit easier for the new kids with This is google maps mashup of 200o pubs that includes a pub rating of 1-5. So you can preplot the whole the thing and lose those desperate moments where you just can't find a pint and the clock is ticking. Of course, you will be so wasted that you will lose the list of preplanned pubs somewhere around Edgeware Road, so all your work will be for naught.

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