Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fell on Black Days

So I know have three high quality readers telling me that Feast For Crows is weak or "not all that," as one put it. What's worse I have no trusted readers who are telling me to read it. Sadness and woe, my friends, sadness and woe. Like nerd the world over, I have been waiting five years for this book. Looks like it will have to drop lower in the pile of 250 unread books. Fortunately the Darkness that comes Before beckons from my shelf. Once my fantasy jones grows strong enough I am reading that one first. Thanks to the awesome Multnomah County Library, I will also soon have Neil Gaiman's latest as well. So I won't be starved for fantasy goodness, but this is kind of like hearing that the new Ben & Jerry's flavors are all nasty.

Check out the Amazon page for Feast, it has a bunch of discussions on the book (scroll down to the bottom.) Yet another way to have the customer create the content, brilliant folks over there at Amazon really.

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