Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I do not drink the coke, I only drink coke zero

Well since I no longer drink sugared coke, the news that Mexican coke is better isn't making me cry. Since it uses cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, the sweetness is apparently more appealing. I recall that Coke and Sprite in China were appallingly sweet, but we drank them anyway given the toxicity of the water. If you are ever in Atlanta, consider a visit to the World of Coca Cola. My favorite part was the Tastes of the World which has soft drinks for sale outside the US, including the hard to drink bitter lemon.


Loki said...

I heard from someone that Coke Zero is just a marketing ploy; just the diet stuff with a new label stuck on it, but despite what I've heard, I'm still curious about it.

Tripp said...

Oh it's quite something different. Normal diet coke tastes mostly like ass. You have to drink it so much and make your self like it, somewhat like beer really.

Splenda Diet Coke is an improvement, but Coke Zero is the reigning champ of diet soda, defeating even diet Dr. Pepper. It uses aspartame as a sweetener (just like diet coke) but it adds another chemical (which will probably make your head explode in five years) that replicated that all mouth foamy feel of regular coke.

Try it. I will warn you that commenter nic claims that only men like Coke Zero and women like Diet Coke. She is given to making strange pronoucements like this though.

nic said...

My friend at Coke says that Coke Zero is targeted at men. Apparently women tend to like Diet Coke, but men don't, so they changed the flavor to be closer to regular coke.

Tripp said...

Hmmm, well that is an inside scoop.