Friday, January 13, 2006

NYT Hearts PDX

Yet another article on Portland in the New York Times. This time it is breweries. All the big ones are mentioned, Widmer, Bridgeport, McMennaim's plus a small one or two like Hair of the Dog. I find Hair of the Dog to be a bit too much for my taste. The folks at RateBeer disagree, one of the Hair of the Dogs is in the Top Ten US beers. Given the truly crappy weather we are enduring, it is a good thing there are so many brew pubs.

Portland also has a crazy number of coffee shops, many independent. Within a short walk you can hit four from my front door. I wonder if the per capita spend on coffee is that much greater here, or if people just drink their's in coffee shops rather than home. I'm not complaining, I'm just curious.

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