Monday, January 02, 2006


I finished Chuckling Whatsit, which is quite good. The art looks like Gorey and the story line is about as dark. Scads of bizarre characters emerge and most come to bad ends. I noticed on the Amazon site that people are now starting to call comic books "sequential art." Come on man, that is like the attempt to make sci fi sound less dorky by calling it "speculative fiction." Thanks to multnomah county library I am reading a lot of these. I suppose the price point for them is about the same as a DVD, and it takes a similar amount of time to consume one, but at $15 it seems like a lot of money to me. I am going to stay away from manga though, that just seems like the gateway book to tentacle porn.


Lady Yuki Shizuka said...

The same for manga is mostly the same for doujinshi today, I'm afraid.

Tripp said...

This is unfortunate. I get mine at the library, so they are pre-screened to a degree. Not an option for the doujinshi I think.