Thursday, January 19, 2006

Just light a candle for the kids

One of the Powell's bloggers has a nice post on Oprah, suggesting the book giant should turn her attention to kid's books. Sounds good to me. The post leans a tad utopian, reminding me of this baby massage class we attended. The teacher told us that if every baby were properly massaged, we would have world peace. Anyway, it's a good post.

Powell's has some excellent speakers coming up. John Hodgman, author of the Areas of My Expertise is coming on Feb. 15. On Feb 13 the author of Souled American, How Black Music Transformed American Culture will roll in. Not like I will make any of these but maybe you can.

While on the subject of PDX I see that the Hollywood and Wine coffeshop/winestore is kid friendly, which is a little strange, but cool nonetheless.

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