Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This ship is obviously sinking

France and Greenpeace are at it again. The French want to scrap the retired aircraft carrier in India becuase it is cheaper, thanks mostly to environmental regulation. If you haven't seen them the photos of ships being broken up at Alang are pretty amazing.

The US has largely given up scrapping big warships. Some are being turned into museums, like the Midway down in San Diego. The Oriskany will be turned into a reef off of the Florida Pan Handle. The America was sunk in a test exercise. The Russians use them to get cold hard cash. The ex-Minsk is now a museum in Shenzhen, China. Here in Oregon, the city of Newport rejected a bid to scrap old ships in the city's bay.

Speaking of ships, check out this video of a container ship beached on Ensenada's beach.

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