Friday, January 27, 2006

Hybrid children watch the sea pray for father, roaming free

I had to put down Resume with Monsters last night. It is very similar to Kings of Infinite Space, which I adored. Both are set in Austin (although one renames it) Texas, both involve frustrated artists working in low wage and demeaning workplaces, both involve narrators concerned that the office may be in league with dark forces, although Resume's monsters are explicitly Lovecraftian. In fact, I rather think Kings owes quite a bit to Resume as it came later. Still I prefer the second book. Both examine the existential horror of the boring workplace, but Kings does it with greater humor. Resume is also bleaker with the main character being a victim of child molestation and carrying the burden of two suicides (father and wife...nice, eh?) The humor just wasn't enough to keep me going. As I didn't finish it, it wasn't clear to me whether the monsters in resume were real or just the main characters mechanism for dealing with the horror and randomness of life. And I guess I didn't care enough to find out.

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