Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lips like sugar

In all the talk of candy, I forgot about one of the best sites of all time, Bad Candy. I haven't been for awhile and it looks like most of the stuff is new. Joanna will particularly dig the take on circus peanuts, but don't forget the Tamarind.

Also I noticed there are two Smores candies out there. Was everyone talking about the Hershey one? There was some other thing that looked like a big Reeses's but filled with marshmallow. I saw it in a really sketchy convenience store today. I am guessing everyone meant the Hershey one but you never know.


Brack said...

I was thinking of Hershey's S'mores bar. Speaking of lips like sugar, do you remember those wax lips? WTF is up with those??

Tripp said...

I have to go back and identify these rogue Smores. I too was thinking of Hershey.

As to the lips, good question. With other waxy "treats" you got some kind of pay-off, like the syrup in the wax soda bottles. There is nothing in the wax lips at all. It is like dry humping or something.

Brack said...

Dude, how about a review of "Arthur Kills a Hobo for His Clothes" or "You're F*cking Screwed!" featuring Dr. Grover?

Tripp said...

Are you reffing the transgressive children's book category? "That's Disgusting" will do quite nicely. Or we could simply do a daily reading from the "120 Days" by the Marquise de Margaret Brown.

Re: grog, I think the office would be a way more fun place to be if everyone got a daily grog ration. In times of good performance, said ration could be doubled! I for one would be a lot more productive if I knew extra booze rather than praise was on the way.