Wednesday, September 14, 2005

For the food people

I was looking at X-entertainment (despite the name, not a porn site) for something interesting. They review pop culture artifacts in an often funny way. At Halloween they put up something everday. The Halloween list is pretty good, but I recommend this taste test of the holiday (green bean casserole, turkey and gravy, etc) sodas that Jones Soda put out last year. I wager they will do it again this year. I must admit that I feel oddly compelled to try these despite my confidence that I will spit them out. I love trying new drinks even more than strange candy. I even drank that nasty Orbitz stuff from the mid-90s.


CAJ said...

Is this related to that Lileks site featuring the nasty-ass food photos? if memory serves, there is one heinous looking dish featuring "Hampshire" (sour cream) matched with some sort of fish and plums? It was described as "tumor-studded bruise cake."

Tripp said...

No, this is totally different. In fact that particular Lileks site is now MIA. There is a link to it on the site but it goes nowhere. Or at least this was the case some weeks ago.

Check this one out, the Sodas are very strange. You can still get them on Ebay, although they are probably fairly stale at this point. If green bean soda can ever be said to be good that is.