Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday morning

NBK sends this animated movie about a Nazi robot attacking a port in the USA. It's impressive and entertaining. The comments note that the Ark of the Covenant is somewhere on the dock.

This scares me. Max at the Millions has a negative review of the new Chabon.

Here is a review for a new science fiction novel by Elizabeth Bear that says very little about the book but gets me interested through sheer enthusiasm and nostalgia for good books in drug store book racks.

Spirit World has a piece on beer cocktails including the tiger tail, part stout, barleywine and lager.

Here is a cheeky piece arguing the merits of the entertaining but not enthralling novel. For me, most mysteries fall into this category. While I am reading it, it is great fun, but I can put it down immediately. If I pick up something like Atonement, I know I will be unable to think about much else.

Also via NBK (sort of) here is Beatallica playing a Garage Dayz Night. They play Beatles songs with Metallica influenced lyrics and a singer that sounds just like Hetfield. Good stuff.

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