Thursday, April 05, 2007

Consuming mass quantities

So, my company has a Fun Committee and said committee had an Easter party today. As part of the celebration we had a Peep eating contest, and for my sins, I joined it. I thought that perhaps I might be a contender until I saw a Round 1 opponent cram 10 Peeps* into his neck, in a mere 30 seconds. In my round, I ate a paltry 8, while another fellow ate 10. The poor bastards had to go to round 2 and eat as many as peeps as possible in 10 seconds. I suppose they felt the need to outperform their prior exertions as the winner managed six more in his allotted time. I feel sick right now.

I'm pretty glad I didn't make it to round 2, as the first and second prizes was a gift certificate to Big Town Hero. (third prize is you're just a jackass.) I shouldn't be surprised at this either. When I entered the holiday treat contest with my really rather good almond butter balls, I took 3rd prize. For my efforts, I got a cake tin and some cake mix and frosting from the dollar store. I suppose that was the don't quit the day job message.

*The wikipedia entry describes the sport of Peep jousting. And check out a chef from the Culinary Institute of America showing you how to make home-made Peeps.

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