Sunday, April 08, 2007

Closer than my peeps you are to me

I received no Peeps this year for Easter. Just as well, as after my company's Peeps eating contest, I think I will abstain for awhile. I would like to have received one of these Jacques Torres eggs though. Fortunately, I did get some See's.

If you like self help books, particularly with a sprititual lean, you should have a gander at The site details a service by which you can receive summaries and key points from your fave books of wisdom. I use that phrase, because the service also includes key text from great philosophers and the major world religions. As for me, I'd like a service that would randomly send me science fiction quotes (in audio) like "He's no good to me dead," or Kirk shouting "Khan!" That would totally raise my spirits.

The Book Covers Blog disses both I Am Legend and the book's most recent cover. Double fie on them for liking the old lame cover.

Here Ian McEwan talks about his new book and why he likes scientists more than humanities types.

You may have heard of the coyote which boarded the Portland light Rail System. In Chicago, they go to Quiznos.

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