Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A good blog is back

Belgravia Dispatch is back after a long period of downtime. It continues to have some of the wittiest if bitter commentary on the world situation. In this piece on how the talking heads would have reacted to American sailors being nabbed by the Iranians he writes:

Who would have had a freak-out and totally lost it first, one wonders: Bill O'Reilly? Glenn Beck? Lou Dobbs, off the Tom Tancredo-ish nativist brew for a second or two?.....And, just a couple hours before, Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room would have been rife with buzzing electronic maps, on which frantic, 'John Madden Meets Sun Tzu' magic marker scribblings would have feverishly charted the possible invasion paths into Iran to mount the daring rescue.

He also has some nice words about the Press's reaction to the Pelosi trip.

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