Friday, April 13, 2007

More nerdy fun

Following up on the earlier history of computer role playing games, here we have the next part, the platinum and modern ages (1994-2004). I was hoping he would slip an electrum age in there, but no such luck. This one includes Knights of the Old Republic, which not surprisingly is a Star Wars game. This game and its sequel are less than 20 dollars a piece, and they provide a much more interesting story than you find in the film prequels. Which isn't that great a feat I suppose.

Here is one for the older nerds. Back in the day there was a computer magazine called Computer Gaming World. One of the columnists was named Scorpia, and she wrote about role playing games in a snarky way. She now has a blog and still writes about role playing games.

While we are living La Vida Nerdy, I may as well mention the board game Battlelore. Take a look. If you are repelled, you probably won't like it. If you are interested, I say get it. For the last three months I have played two or three times per month, which is excellent for a board game.

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