Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And it doesnt look that way to me

Peter Bagge writes funny, R. Crumb-esque comics for Reason magazine. Given his employer, you can guess that it is political and libertarian at that. What I like about them is that Bagge is funny while he politely points out the weakness of argumentation on both the left and right. What's more he actually puts a surprising amount of policy recommendations into his comics. While it isn't a substitute for more detailed analysis, his sympathetic and pragmatic take on the homeless, Bums, is a much more reasoned take than the leftist paternalism or right wing hand-washing we normally see. In Beware the Brown Peril, he hits right wing scaremongers and left wing protest hijackers.

It's possible that I like the cartoons so much because they constantly attack my number two bete noire, rigid ideological thinking. The only thing worse is self-praise. If I am silent while you sing a paean to yourself, it is because I am trying not to use swears.

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