Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday night

Joanna sums up the trouble with Hershey jumping on the dark chocolate bandwagon: It reminds me of the popular kid in high school who jacks off all semester and then shamelessly assumes half the credit for the “group” project done by his studious and diligent lab partner. Not cool, Hershey’s. Totally not cool.

One of the best things about Lost is talking about Lost. To add to your fodder, I recommend you check out the following sites. James Poniewozick at the Time TV blog (Tuned In), has excellent commentary the day after a new episode. The TMZ site has amusing minute by minute reviews of each episode as well as lots of hate for Charlie and love for Locke and Ben. The best I have seen can be found on the Houston Chronicle TV blog called Tubular. The analysis is incredible. I recommend you read all three post-show to amaze your friends.

This short bit hints at a potential decline of the super-reviewers at Amazon. Don't trust them. Trust me instead.

Check out this walking tour of independent bookstores in NYC, with the (unironically?) named Unoppressive, Non-Imperialist Bookstore.


Anonymous said...

Best book reviews

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking me, man.
Am I right or am I right?

I can't talk Lost, but I'm happy to dish on Gilmore Girls and Ugly Betty. And what gives with no new Veronica Mars episodes for the past 6 weeks or so. Lame.
Okay, I can't really say why, but I sort of like The New Adventures of Old Christine. I'm not sure why. Thoughts?
Oh yeah - and I'm a little sad at the cancellation of Studio 60.

That's all I got...

Tripp said...

You are in fact right.

You know I have to say that the only show I am regulary watching is Lost. I hear I should watch Veronica Mars, is this true?

Do you like 30 Rock which is the twin of Studio 60. I think it is OK.

Anonymous said...

30 Rock is certainly not the twin of Studio 60. Yes, they are both centered around a SNL-type show/behind the scenes, etc. But the format is pretty different. 30 Rock is a half-hour comedy. Studio 60 is (was) more of a drama with a comedic edgge. A "dramedy", if you will, with a much more complex and interwoven Sorkin-esque plot line,

I do like 30 Rock, but don't seem to catch it very often. I have a huge soft spot for Alec Baldwin - alway have - and I actually like him even MORE after hearing him go off on his daughter last week. More overprivileged tweens and teens need their ass (figuratively) smacked around like that. Good one!

Tripp said...

damn, I guess I have to call you edgy from now on. And I guess I better never piss you off