Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We can have play time in my little play room

I saw the French art-porn flick Romance last night. Get ready to suspend some disbelief. It seems our (demurely hot) heroine's boyfriend loves her, but doesn't want to sleep with her. Not so likely so far. Anyway, due to this lack of physical contact, Marie begins a series of destructive sexual relationships. I think it is about men are no good. Whatever. This movie is part of the mainstream actors perform sex on camera trend. Not all of the actors are mainstream, check out this guy's filmography. He was chosen for an asset other than acting chops. As a movieRomance is pretty boring, if you want a truly surprising dirty art film, look no further than In the Realm of the Senses (available at Multnomah Public Library!). That one will blow your doors off.


Brack said...

I think Shellac may have done a song about Signor Rocco. Tremendously heavy bass line, as I recall.

Tripp said...

Here is the concept of said song

Steve: "I just read an article about male porno actors in a magazine and as you figure, they all describe the job as being a real drag. Il Porno Star was basically trying to imagine the frame of mind that somebody would have round about late adolescence; some guy realises that he’s got a really big cock and he wants to get famous and rich. Now, how do you turn that asset into a career? Well, go to America where everything is possible."

Anonymous said...

you want some raunch?. . . watch "Baise Moi" (rape me in french) that was the opposite. . .porn stars doing mainstream.
and what is with albini and his obsession with italian ding dongs?
doesn't he have another song called 'boche's dick'?