Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Timewasting with upside

Sometimes wasting time has an upside. I applied for a job at the National Defense University, but my resume with filled with all this dot-com stuff so my future boss was concerned. She googled me, saw all my Amazon reviews that covered security issues and decided I was serious. So web activity didn't get me a book deal, but a job is pretty good too. Here is a timewaster than can turn you into a hero with the kids. It is an online lego design tool. You build something with virtual blocks, save it and Lego packages it up and sends it out to you. You can even become a lego design celebrity as those tricksy Lego people will make your design available to all. It's win-win I tell you.


nic said...

What is this about kids. Legos are clearly for adults...right?

Tripp said...

No, unless they require HOURS to assemble as the ones you like require.