Thursday, December 15, 2005

Spy on your neighbor's voting habits

(via google maps mania - which is awesome) As part of a security class, someone has merged public political donation data with google maps to show who donated what to whom in any zip code. Some of the info didn't surprise me. My Arlington, VA zip was blue and dense with donations. My PDX zip was blue and but less intense on the donation (bitch all you want Portland, but pony up some cash if you want to move things.) My parent's zip which is in the same town as Pat Robertson was the most balanced between red and blue. Who'd a thunk it?

On a related security note, this little confession on group hug made me think I should change my passwords more often. " I went out with a girl briefly 4 years ago and she told me her webmail password. I still read all her email on a regular basis."

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