Wednesday, December 14, 2005

For the candy historians

The accidental hedonist has a history of candy canes and how they came to be associated with Christmas. On the subject of holiday treats, the Washington Post reports on a store in Bethesda that has gen-u-wine Ricciarelli available for mail order. And here is someone who likes the new Hershey dark chocolate and then there is the See's Awesome Bar, which is apparently the dark nougat in bar form, a sure fire winner.


Brack said...

Speaking of candy treats, I tried the orange and the coffee Kit-Kats today. Orage was dee-lish, sort of like the frosting on those yellowy Hostess cupcakes. The coffee-flavored Kit-Kat was, in the [poorly dubbed] words of some Iron Chef judge while sampling mushroom/squid sorbet, "truly awful."


Tripp said...

Yes, the orange Kit Kat is a delight, a true treat. I didn't think coffee was so bad though. I still envy the Brits, what with their Christmas pudding flavored one.