Sunday, April 20, 2008

One about which to be hopeful

Charles Pellegrino, author of Dust, one of my favorite disaster novels may have one in the works. His website makes mention of a book called draculae(sic) an eco-thriller co-written by Bill Schutt. Schutt has a creepy looking book on the horizon called Dark Banquet - Blood and the Curious Lives of Blood Feeding Creatures. So, I take it he likes interesting subjects.

Dust is out of print, but is available for a penny (plus shipping of course) at Amazon. There are lots of haters amongst the reviewers, but I quite liked it. It is a story of the global ecosystem collapsing, and as you might guess, this can't be stopped, only survived. It's not a happy book, but it left me wanting more.

Pellegrino has a history of books filled with nastiness. His collaboration with George Zebrowski, the Killing Star, is a tale of first contact gone really, really bad. It also presents a theory as to why no alien broadcasts have been found.


Anonymous said...


Charles Pellegrino and I are indeed finishing up our novel, "draculae" this summer. The WWII techno-thriller has been renamed "Hell's Gate". The odd spelling of the earlier title is not an error. It's actually the species name of the mysterious creatures that plague both our hero (an American zoologist), and his German counterparts. People who have read parts of the book have told us that it's as dark and scary as the very best of Stephen King. We'll see I guess but that's very encouraging to us.

Okay, take care and I hope you read some great books this summer. My book Dark Banquet will be on the shelves on Oct. 14, but until then, those looking for information on blood-feeding creatures should pour themselves a glass of red wine and check out my website

Bill Schutt

Tripp said...


I look forward to both of your books and will be sure to check them out when they are published.

I like the website! The blood recipes are something to behold.

I once something that I think was tofu and blood mixed (maybe it was this blood cake you mention). It wasn't bad.