Sunday, April 20, 2008

Next book

I had planned on my next fiction book being Douglas Preston's Blasphemy. His last book, Tyrannosaur Canyon, was a lot of fun, so I expect this one will be too. I am going to push it down the list aways as my most recent read, The Meaning of Night, is likely to put in a bad light. This excellent book has among its many virtues the excellent use of language.

Preston is a great thriller writer, but he is no stylist, and in the afterglow of the Meaning of Night, I am likely to notice the use of language. With a few book's distance, I am likely to notice its strong points as well.

You might ask why I read read thrillers at all. Like the times when you want to eat comfort food, there are times when you want comfort books. For me this is a wide range of escapist fiction, that includes thrillers, horror and giant fantasy novels. You just can't read these alone or you like your body, your mind will get flabby.

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