Wednesday, April 02, 2008


This post is for Misfits fans only. Using the lounge track versions of Misfits songs by Sam Elwitt and the Nutley Brass, a fellow with the YouTube name Stigsneddon sings along. For those familiar with the band, this is pretty amusing. I've posted Some Kinda Hate below because it is the Misfits tune that is already almost a lounge track. If you want more, here is Astro Zombies, Last Caress, and Hate Breeders. His Hate Breeders has strange echoes of Baltimora's Tarzan Boy.


Brack said...

Brilliant. I love the "cha cha cha" in Hate Breeders. I want to hire this cat for my firm's annual dinner dance.

Tripp said...

Yeah, it's pretty magical. I hope he does more.

Tuk said...

Okay, that was fantastic! I cannot decide which was more amusing...this version of "Some Kinda Hate" or watching my 2 year old daughter dancing around and singing "Whoooooaaaaa" repeatedly as she stated, "I like this song. I like it."

Moreover, I cannot decide what is more disturbing - that one of my high school boyfriend's wanted "our song" to be "Last Caress" (I might have considered it if I heard this version) or that I would have preferred "Die, Die My Darling."

Rawk on, Stig!

Tripp said...

Hmmm, I take the baby killing over the death obsession and the belief that you will see your loved one in Satan's kingdom.

And I am happy to see that you are passing the Misfits love onto the young ones.

Fiend Skull hoodies come in small, but maybe that is too big for your toddler.