Thursday, March 15, 2007


Pillars of the Earth fans will have a lovely October. Follett has a sequel due to arrive that month. There is a bit more information here. The novel takes place 200 year after the events in Pillars and has the Black Death as its backdrop. If you haven't read Pillars of the Earth, you should pick it up. It is set in a 12th century English town and tracks the fates of builders and clerics involved in its construction. This may sound tiresome, but it is in fact excellent. For those seeking a broader canvas and more focus on historical accuracy, I recommend Sharon Kay Penman's Here Be Dragons. And if you are desperate for Pillars of the Earth action before October, why not pick up the Pillars of the Earth board game?

If you have been following the Cassini mission, this is pretty cool.

Fans of McCarthy's the Road will be excited to see the equally literary Jim Crace has penned a post-apocalyptic novel as well.

CG sent along this Q&A with Jonathan Lethem. I remain uncertain about his new one. She also sent this rather awful cover of Float On. To be honest, I say songs are IP, if you want to share it, go ahead. But that is objectively terrible.

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