Thursday, March 01, 2007

Last night, he could not make it

Here is a pro take and a con take on last night's Lost. Taken by itself, the episode was fine, nothing special but enjoyable. In the context of the season, it was more disappointing. The producers have to make up for the disaster that was last fall.

A former Canadian Defense Minister is calling for governments to use their secret UFO technology to fight global warming. No foolin'. I guess he fell for the same op that Bush 41 used on Carter.

The readers of SF Site have voted for their top ten nerd books of 2006. As a lover of nerd books and Pavlovian slave of book marketing, I am generally aware of all the books that would appear in the list. I was quite surprised that the number one choice, The Lies of Locke Lamora, was completely new to me. So, I guess I should check it out.

I am checking out a site called Shelfari. It is billed as a book lover's community site. It seems to combine the book cataloging features of some sites with interactivity. Anyway, I am trying it out.

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