Monday, March 05, 2007


Ken Haedrich's Pie Cookbook is a five for five winner. This weekend I made the chocolate custard cream cheese pie and the Creamsicle pie. I think I may have made a mistake on the chocolate by using bittersweet chips instead of semi-sweet chips. In most circumstances, I prefer bittersweet, but the cream cheese taste was a bit more than I would like. The semisweet may have been a better counterpoint. People cleaned their plates so I suppose it was good enough.

The Creamsicle was a big winner. It's a simple assembly. First you press orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream into a graham cracker crust. Then you whip some cream, add orange juice concentrate, vanilla and confectioner's sugar and add the whipped cream to the pie. Freeze and serve. My kids couldn't get over this one. Even the adults were surprised by how much they liked it.

Only 295 pies to go.

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