Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy and sad

Arlington, VA drinkers must be sad that Dr. Dremo's is on the way out. I will shed a tear for it. My fave 703 beer purveyor, Lost Dog, remains strong. I've yet to make it to the sister restaurant, the Stray Cat.

In much closer ( as in three blocks as opposed to 3,000 miles) to my house news, Foxfire Teas get a review on Roadfood. The folks there are very nice and they have great tea. My only complaint is that they serve beer (Dogfish Head on tap!) but close at six. That's barely enough time for me to have a sip.

I tried trivia last night at the New Old Lompoc. It was pretty good, although there were too many hints. Also no trivia in the summer! And it starts at 7:30. I remain uncertain.

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