Thursday, March 08, 2007

Freedom of choice, is what you got

This is a test to see whether you can identify a number of political and pop culture figures. Based on how well you do, it tells you whether you should vote or not. I did pretty well.


Anonymous said...

Since it's just face recognition and matching it to a multiple choice question, if you only listened to the radio or read the newspaper (didn't watch TV news or read news magazines), you'd do badly even though you might be extremely informed.

I wonder if you got all the political figures right but missed the pop culture ones if it would still say you should vote?

Did you notice the only black person in the list was Condi? Am I being too PC?

Tripp said...

The answer to "Am I being too PC" is 95% of the time, yes. In this case, they could have swapped out a pop star and replaced him/her with Oprah. Keep in mind the basis was confusion as to whether the person was a cultural or political figure. For the quiz to work, there has to be a cognate. So don't blame the quiz, blame the WORLD.

Also, I would argue collecting news from a diverse set of sources (including magazine and TV) is essential to understanding the news : NPR+ NYT isn't enough. You can also use elimination to get to at least a 50/50 chance on most of them.

Brack said...

Well, I promoted Boehner to the Senate and I had to make a wild guess when I couldn't choose "slore" for Paris Hilton, but other than that I did OK.

Tripp said...

You know what? I think P Hilton is in fact, the Tor Beast.