Sunday, March 04, 2007

Procastinating while I should be fixing my bike

This is good for a laugh, if you like Star Wars and conspiracy theories.

Here is a long piece about the rise of the respectable graphic novel. Just another sign of Nerds Rising.

In food news, another reason to go back to Fast Food Nation.

Long piece on the Arcade Fire in the NYT. I have yet to decide where I stand on Neon Bible, but the inclusion of No Cars Go deserves applause.

Today is James Ellroy's birthday. Check out this piece, which has this great line: He gives us American history as a pulp history of organized crime, tabloids, corruption, bureaucratic tyranny, disordered desires, and the eternality of vice. His books, in total, present for us a stylized and staggering master view of the dark heart of mid-20th-century America. That sounds about right.

Lev Grossman has a review for 300. Makes we want to see it even more.

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