Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday bits

Today I realized I was under the spell of a (not terribly significant) urban legend. There is a suspension bridge in northern Portland, called the St. Johns Bridge. Its quite eye catching but is off the normal tourist path. The commonly held belief in town is that it was designed by the same person who designed the Golden Gate Bridge. Ask a Portlander and they are likely to add that of the two, the designer preferred the St. Johns. Trouble is, the bridges were designed by different people and besides both being West Coast suspension bridges, they are unrelated. Again, hardly the end of the world, but I wonder what other facts we know that are in fact, untrue.

We watched Johnny Cash - Ridin' the Rails last night. If you have kids who are interested in both railroads and music, this would be an entertaining movie. It was a made for TV special from the mid-70s. It is the story of the railroad with railroad related songs (like The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, City of New Orleans (this vid is from Ridin The Rails) and John Henry. Cash gets really into a few of the re-enactments, particularly the driving of the Golden Spike. This is most certainly not for everyone, but again, with the right kids, you will get accolades. Speaking of the kids, if you or your kids are interested in railroads and you find yourself in Baltimore, do not miss the B&O Railroad Museum.

Here is a roundup on the reaction to preorder rush for the final Harry Potter novel. I was chagrined to read the last comment. The writer indicated she was recommited to reading classics and is very happy she has. I don't necessarily need to read classics, but I would like to up the overall quality of my reading. For every Atonement, I read far too many Dan Browns (yeah, I'll own up). I think I am too susceptible to marketing and the buzz of the brand new. Its not as if I don't have at least 15 very high quality books awaiting. I really should get started on Can You Forgive Her?

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