Sunday, February 04, 2007

American Beauty 2?

Kate Winslet and husband Sam Mendes are considering making a movie of Revolutionary Road. This is fanstastic news as the novel is excellent and, I think, a good candidate for a movie. There are four principal characters, both married couples. The timeline is short. The drama, the reaction to all of them that they realize they have exchanged their dreams for what society terms success. So there won't be the challenges of condensing material, but there will be the problem of portraying inner turmoil. Good acting should help. This could be the movie that American Beauty wanted to be. Which is what worries me. Sam Mendes directed American Beauty. One hopes the source material will prevail.


Brack said...


Tripp said...

Well, sure. Cheever writes about similar topics in much shorter form. But by that argument we should ditch Ambler, Furst and McCarry because Somerset Maugham wrote such wonderful spy stories.

Brack said...

Sometimes, to quote the Duvall Street Bard quoting Brylcreem, "a little dab'll do yah."


P.S. ". . . Oh, I could do some cruisin' too!"

/chuckles as Buffet lyrics bore into Blogmeisters skull.

Tripp said...

Your point is invalidated by your use of one of the cheesiest (and that is saying something) Buffett lines.