Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Early action

John Crace has a column in the Guardian called the Digested Read. For each book, he reads it and reduces it to a 750 word summary. They are generally snarky as hell, but he makes Geoffery Wheatcroft look certifiable in this one.

The Amazon blog has a number of employee top ten lists, many of which make me reconsider books I have spurned. Back in the 80s I was a big Pat Conroy reader, but I never read Beach Music. I saw that one on a list with which I generally agree. Then there is the Brothers K, about which I have heard raves. That book was authored by one of my bottom ten, The River Why (it burns, it burns!). So I am leery.

This is a good for a laugh, the Muppets manamana song mashed up with Star Wars. Don't watch with the glare, the editing is a bit subtle in places. Via SF Signal.

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