Thursday, February 15, 2007


OK, so the righties are mad that left leaning Daily Show is popular. So in order to counter its influence, Fox has a new faux news show of their own. The libertarian Reason doesn't like it. The bits I saw are pretty lame. With the exception of Anne Coulter(!) gently mocking herself(!!!!), this bit is not funny. This bit is worse, which is bad news as it appears to be the lead comedy team. The dude attempts to model Jon Stewart's delivery. And fails to be funny. At all. The problem is that this team is putting ideology ahead of funny, which is wrong, so wrong.

It's unfortunate that the producers couldn't assemble the leading right-leaning funnyfolk, like PJ O'Rourke. Or Jonah Goldberg from the Corner. He's funny and he knows pop culture, which helps. Comedian Larry Miller, who has appeared in Christopher Guest films, is conservative and a comedian, hire him. The folks at Reason are quite funny, but also off the rez, so I guess they are not the right group.

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Anonymous said...

Man, that is shamefully bad stuff.Why bother? The canned laughter is almost insulting.